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Mobile Applications

Mobile applications, commonly known as apps, have penetrated every corner of just about every market. If your business targets individual customers, then mobile apps should be an essential element of your marketing.

At EDESIGN we’re proud to create and develop apps that consumers or other stakeholders like to use and which create value for our clients. Across iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms, our developers can take your ideas (or ones which we have created on your behalf) and turn them into professional, creative and memorable native mobile apps. We have developed 3D games-based apps and we are able to create your virtual reality (VR) experience apps for the ultimate user experience – a great way to showcase your products, services or messages, as well as to attract hard-to-reach young audiences.

It will help you increase brand loyalty, collect data, drive e-commerce and above all engage with and get closer to your target market on a day-to-day basis, working in tandem with your website and other online assets. Plus, of course, it will be usable anywhere, whether in Saudi Arabia or further afield in the Middle East or globally.

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