Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

89% of people in Saudi Arabia use the internet regularly and more than two-thirds (68%) use social media every day. And you can’t ignore the rise in mobile internet usage when nearly half (47%) of people are browsing the internet through their mobile phones.

So, if you aren’t running online campaigns, you’re missing out on a potentially large revenue stream. This is where eDesign can help. Our digital marketing services can reach out to your target audience through social media and digital ads to attract audiences to your organisation and make leads and sales.


Full Social Media  Marketing Management

This is a complete package - we look at your competition, check regional and national benchmarks and create monthly plans for digital campaigns to meet your specific business goals. With our innovative and expert team, we can create stellar content based on your specific criteria and calendar plan.

We will then manage your online campaigns no matter what hours are needed. This will include publishing content, answering followers and prospective' questions and sending you potential lead information.

We benchmark our results and every quarter we review and validate our progress. Our monthly reports are shared with you, so you can see how your brand is being promoted online.

“eDesign helped us kick start our footprint in the digital space in a tremendous way.” Khaled Almushare | Group Operations Director, Al Salem Johnson Controls.

Online Campaign Creation Service

If you just need a helping hand getting your content created, we can support you as well. Our team of experienced content creators will develop a campaign concept and theme to deliver the core message you want. We will listen to your needs and your brand’s USP to fully understand and develop a concept that will be aligned to your current branding and appeal to your target audience.

We can then create key visuals to deliver your primary message to a diverse audience. We can create a wide range of visual content including videos, professional photographs and more. All visuals produced can then be reformatted so they can be used across a wide range of social media platforms.

“eDesign has achieved extraordinary performance managing the social media channels for the gulf cup group of events 2014. They also created an amazing creative placement that created a buzz about the events in no time, a great partner." - Feras Almaddah | Headline CEO.

Online Ads Management Service

Let us increase your ROI on any online ads that you’re currently running. We can help manage your adverts whether they’re on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and SnapChat), search engines (including the Google advertising network) or YouTube. What channels and period are determined by your budget, objectives and available materials.

We use what you provide to us and maximise ROI by creating multiple audiences and optimize adverts for their specific demographics.

Our experience will help you generate more leads at a better cost.

“EDESIGN has helped us transform our social media strategy and engagement levels. Through careful understanding of our business, our clients and more importantly being up to date with the latest trends, we have managed to significantly grow our user base and average engagement levels." - Mohammad Bakr A. Gazzaz | Head of Marketing Corporate Communications, NCBC



We have helped numerous large and smaller brands to get their message across to audiences across Saudi Arabia. The clients below have seen significant growth in their digital campaigns.

A pioneer in high-quality discount grocery shopping in western Saudi Arabia, Dukan is similar to Aldi in the UK. It also has the same ambitious plans to open more stores across the country, but they had a limited profile online.

So we created a campaign with stunning visuals that promoted their products and brand. Messages were often tied to local and national events. The results were staggering, with Instagram followers doubling, a 54.6% improvement in Facebook engagement and 24.8% more fans on Twitter.

We were also able to increase video views by 13%.



As Panda’s digital presence grew with over 1M+ active followers on multiple platforms, our big challenge was to manage customer inquiries & complaints in an efficient and timely manner due to the large volume of messages. EDESIGN provideda Full team of Moderators for 24/7 coverage, content writers, auditors along with team leader and project manager. With this setup, we were able to enhance online customer service, develop an effective community management process and decrease response time.

In addition to that, EDESIGN managed to offer Panda with detailed weekly/Monthly reports as well as campaigns performance reports that enables the company to take positive actions.

Finally, our team of expert designers co-operated with panda in multiples engaging campaigns. Among them was their biggest and most important yearly campaign “Mega Campaign – Panda Carnival”. The Mega Campaign in 2019 adopted the theme of a “carnival” and the objective was to create a fully-integrated campaign content plan over the course of one month covering: Teaser video, countdown, revealer video, engaging posts, informative posts and Instagram stories.



The University of Prince Mugrin wanted us to improve their online campaigns, including a landing page, to better position the university and attract more students.

During a short period of time, we were able to generate 10,000 leads, increasing the number of applications (compared to the previous semester) by 382%, and full registrations by 132%.

Contact us to see if you can achieve similar, amazing results now.


So, if you’re looking for some great digital marketing campaigns, give eDesign a call. We’ll help your brand to be recognised throughout Saudi Arabia via online marketing campaigns that target your audience and achieve real results.