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EDESIGN offers consultancy services across any or all of your marketing or digital operations to solve your business problems through innovative ideas. This includes straightforward consultation as well as full digital audits, specifically of apps, social media and websites,or simply to digitize and re-engineer your internal processes. We can examine your website from the point of view of user experience and user interface, as well as search engine performance. In addition to providing a critique of your existing approach and monitoring your current performance and effectiveness, we can work with you to develop a complete new digital and online marketing strategy. This can encompass websites, apps, social media and online advertising, together with software and web design and development. 

To this end, we can also help you create your Request for Purchase (RFP) and technical documentation for any web, app or software development. This can be followed by planning and creating your complete marketing strategy, with terms & conditions and guidelines for your teams to follow, and a long-term plan for growth and success. In short, we can help you bridge the gap between what your customers, prospects and other stakeholders expect digitally and what you are actually delivering, whether in Saudi Arabia or beyond. We can assess your capabilities and help you plan, execute, deliver and measure your marketing and digital approach in a way that future-proofs it and results in long-term success.