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York is one of the world’s leading suppliers of HVAC – heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Best known for their business solutions, they supply many of the world’s most famous landmarks, including the Empire State Building, the Kremlin and the Kennedy Space Center, as well as prominent local landmarks such as the Holy Mosque in Makkah (Great Mosque of Mecca).

That said, their consumer market share is growing, and they were seeking to make big inroads into the Saudi Arabian domestic market – they already had a strong long-term presence here in the B2B sector. They were looking for brand recognition and greater awareness of what York can offer consumers.


In February 2016, they asked EDESIGN to develop a social media strategy. They had almost no online presence, so it was our task to create a buzz across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and to create highly effective social media profiles. They also asked EDESIGN to digitize their current campaigns and to create new ones that were digitally focused.

In February 2017, our capabilities were really put to the test when York asked us to formulate a specific campaign with the aim of generating two million impressions in just one week.

Then, at the last moment, the budget was more than halved. However, we were able to use our experience and expertise to create a highly effective low-cost video solution in a very short period of time. We then effectively uploaded and integrated it across all social media platforms, successfully avoiding the pitfalls that can make so many social campaigns underwhelming.

Social Media Visuals


When the client reduced the budget, they also lowered their impressions target by half, yet we were still able to meet the original target, generating two million impressions in only one week, and with just 44% of the initial budget. 

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