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Nesma Airlines was launched in 2014 with a single route. Today, they operate scheduled domestic flights within Saudi Arabia as well as international regional flights. Their hub is Ha’il in the north-west of KSA, and they are the first airline in Saudi Arabia to use the new ATR 27 aeroplane. Their previous website was not user friendly and generally not up to the standard of other airlines. They asked EDESIGN to create a new one.


We created a brand new website which went live in 2016. It’s designed for maximum usability and responsiveness. We also created a mobile version as well as a native mobile app. The new site and app are fully integrated with the client’s booking system, which we are also maintaining. The new site is also search engine friendly, designed to attract users and then keep them on the site – and to book flights, of course.

Website Interface

Mobile Application Visuals


In the first year since the new site was launched the site has been a big success. Recent analytics have revealed that the number of bookings increased by 71% and page views increased by 68.5%. The advanced analytics capability we adopted allows us to continue to understand visitor behaviour, measure the site’s performance, and to adjust and improve it accordingly. The number of users increased by 71% , and page views increased by 68.5%.