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EDESIGN has a long association with Mercedes-Benz in Saudi Arabia, first working with them in 2011 via both offline and online solutions we have helped them in becoming the leading German car brand in KSA today.


Our first task was a manual listening report starting in 2011, this took over six months before the client signed with us the following year. Since then, we have handled all their social media and many other aspects of their online activities, which included the launch of new cars or models as well as tactical campaigns and retail promotions. 

Across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms, we have set up and built highly successful profiles that have featured many promotions and competitions including online games, car photography, and description contests, which even included hidden car competitions where the models were concealed across different cities for experts to spot, and the winners had the opportunity to receive rewards such as circuit driving days, or free use of top models for months at a time.


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Social Media Visuals


Mercedes-Benz is now cementing their dominant position in the KSA market digitally. For between their Saudi Arabian Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, they now have over one million followers.