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Dukan has pioneered low-cost, high quality discount shopping in the western province of Saudi Arabia for groceries and basic goods. Its operating model is similar to Aldi in the UK and elsewhere, and it has ambitious plans to open large numbers of stores

The company has a limited own brand portfolio, with their high quality products representing only a small percentage of their overall product offerings, although the figure is rising. As a new player, many consumers struggled to understand what Dukan stood for, especially in relation to other outlets. The company wanted to educate their target audience about what Dukan offers as a hard discount retailer, and also to integrate all their in-store offers online.

In 2015 they therefore asked EDESIGN to assist them in their goals.


We have been using a wide range of online media to communicate the brand concept, and to introduce different high quality products weekly with a ‘best value’ message. Offers frequently compare products with competitive ones in terms of price and weight to demonstrate value.

In addition, promotions are aligned with relevant local or global events, and special offers for traditionally slower days such as Saturday and Tuesday.

A further advantage of our social media approach is that we are able to listen to and feedback on customer experiences and wishes.

Creative Visuals for Social Media


Although they have limited budget for online ads, results have been excellent throughout. Take a look at these figures from the first half of 2017: